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Universum Top 100 Ideal Employer - 2010 Student Survey

At Nissan, we appreciate the student perspective and acknowledge that even an undergraduate education has become an expensive challenge. That’s why we’re committed to providing meaningful opportunities, such as internships, throughout the year in addition to scholarships that support students on the road to exciting careers.

Interested in seeing the inside track of a fast-paced Nissan career? Search jobs or explore internships by clicking on the Apply button - We have many exciting opportunities for recent undergrads and MBAs, as well as college-level internships.

Nissan offers recent college graduates and current graduate students preferred pricing with the Nissan College Grad Program.

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Nissan College Grad Program

The Nissan Rotational Development Program (NRDP) is a highly selective MBA program designed to supplement our leadership pipeline. It is for MBA graduates with five to eight years professional experience - plus the ambition and abilities to succeed in executive leadership and general management.

Through high-impact stretch assignments and cross-functional rotations, teams and projects, the program puts graduates from the country’s most prestigious MBA programs on an accelerated path. This program is also an impressive vehicle for broad business exposure, as well as inside exposure to Nissan executives through mentoring and feedback.

The program’s average rotation length is currently 9-15 months, and 20 percent of the participants have had rotations outside the U.S. These future leaders enjoy more strategic opportunities than their peers in other competitive programs.

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