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The NISSAN WAY is the guiding principle that gives us direction in our business. Our core message is "The power comes from the inside." At Nissan, our professional power comes from personal strength, creativity, and dedication. It's our tried and tested method of making innovations happen regularly.

Our focus is on the customer, our driving force is value creation and our measurement of success is profit. Here are the five principles that frame our thinking (Mindset) and the five principles that guide our professional behavior (Actions).

Nissan Way Mindset
  • Cross-functional, Cross-cultural: Be open and show empathy toward different views; welcome diversity.
  • Transparent: Be clear, be simple, no vagueness and no hiding.
  • Learner: Be passionate. Learn from every opportunity; create a learning company.
  • Frugal: Achieve maximum results with minimum resources.
  • Competitive: No complacency, focus on competition, and continuous benchmarking.

  • Motivate: How are you energizing yourself and others?
  • Commit & Target: Are you accountable and are you stretching enough toward your potential?
  • Perform: Are you fully focused on delivering results?
  • Measure: How do you assess performance?
  • Challenge: How are you driving continuous and competitive progress across the company?